William Crowner v. George B. Scott. Order


Copy order of Court.

William Crowner
George Scott

No. 197 Trials
Petition for Freedom

Upon the aforegoing motion and the within affidavit the same being considered by the Court, it is on this seventeenth day of December A.D. 1841, by the Court ordered that upon two days notice prior to Tuesday next the 22d inst. to be given to the defendant George Scott, the deposition of the said Mrs Evans be taken before David A. Hall Esqre a Justice of the Peace in and for this county of Washington, on Tuesday the twenty second day of December instant, at twelve o'clock M., at the residence of the said Mrs Evans the witness to be used upon the trial of the above entitled petition for freedom, if the said witness cannot be had to attend the same, if which satisfactory proof shall be made.

By order of the Court.
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True Copy.
Wm Brent Clk


Abt[?] George Scott, defendant ads. William Crowner, Petitioner &c

Take notice that under the aforegoing order the deposition of Mrs Evans the witness named therein, will be taken for the Petitioner, William Crowner, before David A. Hall Esq, the Justice named in the said order, at twelve o'clock M. on Monday next the 22d inst, at the residence of the said witness in this County of Washington; to be used on the trial of the Petition of the said William against you. as provided in said order.

F.S. Key & Carlisle
attys for Petitioner

Decr .17, '1841


Filed 18th Decr. 1841