Wallace Blue v. John W. Williams, Mary S. Williams, & William S. Colquhoun. Affidavit of Daniel Ratcliffe


Cir. Ct. Wash. Co. March T. 1845

In the several cases of petitions for freedom by Wallace Blue, other Blues, & Laura, against Williams & Colquhoun pending before this Court, I was retained to succeed Mr Dermott, the original council; & having been satisfied by the trial of the first case in the series that I could not succeed for them upon the law as laid down in that case, I desired to withdraw my name; but the court declined to allow me to do so, I have only to say that the Court may dispose of all the said cases as they think fit. April 16, 1845

Daniel Ratcliffe


91 to 95 Imps

Blue & al

Filed 3d May 1845