Thomas Butler v. Gabriel Duvall. Interrogatories to Christian Getzendanner


Thomas Butler & Sarah his wife & others
Gabriel Duvall

Petition for Freedom in the Circuit Court, District of Columbia.

Interrogatories on the part of the Defendant

1. Do you know the Parties, Petitioners, or Defendant, and how long have you known them?

2. Did you know John Dales who formerly owned Tom & his wife, and did you know him when he lived in Montgomery County, & afterwards in George Town, and how long did he live in George Town, and in what year or years; and had he then Tom & Sarah with him, as slaves?

3. Do you know that he brought Tom & Sarah with him when he removed from Montgomery County to George Town?

4. Do you know how long & in what year Dales lived in George Town & what was his occupation?

5. Did you know him when he was a tenant to Mrs. Thompson — to Matthew Kennedy — When he lived with one Flaut — and with Christian Getzandanner — and with William Duvall; and in what year; and was he engaged with Christian Getzendanner in a Grocery Store, and was he in the capacity   of partner or Storekeeper?

6. Do you know what Dales owned Tom & Sarah as slaves during the time aforesaid; &did he hire them out in Montgomery County an in George Town?

7. If you have any further knowledge of the subject favorable to the defendant, relate it fully.

Interrogatories of Plaintiffs

1 Do you know that said Dells moved to the state of Virginia and took with him Tom and Sarah his wife & when he moved

2 Do you know (if said Dells moved to Virginia) whether it was while he was a resident of said state that he sold said Thomas and Sarah to Gabriel Duvall

3 Do you know when the sale took place & where it took place


It is agreed that the deposition of Mr.     Getzendanner taken on the foregoing Interrogatories before any Justice of the Peace in Frederick County, be read in evidence on the trial of the petition, Thomas Butler & wife, & others, against Gabriel Duvall.

G. Duvall.

March 8, 1830.

sign the foregoing agreement with this understand that the depositions of Thomas Gossam, John Gossam, Thompson Gossam, Sandy Gossham, William   Jacobs & John David who live in Virginia within a hundred miles of this and within the jurisdiction of this court be read in evidence [illegible] on or before the first of May next a copy of the interrogatories to Judge Gabriel Duvall defendant in this case

Robert Beale

April 3d 1830