Olivia Lee & Betsy Lee v. Nelson Conrad & Benjamin Homans. Petition for Freedom


To the Hon. Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, for the County of Washington

The Petition of Olivia Lee and her infant John Lee and of Betsy Lee for herself and for her minor children, Milly Lee, Charles Lee, William Lee, George Lee and Caroline Lee, persons of color of the County of Washington in the District of Columbia respectfully represents that they are all detained as slaves by a certain Nelson Conrad and his part Benjamin Homans and that they are free and entitled to be discharged from their illegal detention, they therefore pray your Honors, to grant that the said Nelson Conrad and Benjamin Homans may be cited to appear as the Law directs and that your Petitioners may be declared as free and that their case may be examined into by your Honorable Court and that said Defendants may pay all costs &c and as in duty bound they will ever pray &c.

Brent & Brent for Petitioners


70. 89. 98. 129

Olivia Lee and Betty Lee and others
Nelson Conrad & Benjamin Homans

Petition for freedom

Filed 30 Jany 1841.