William Ethington v. William Crawford. Petition for Freedom


To the Honorable the judges of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, The petition of William Ethington humbly sheweth to your honors, That your petitioner is entitled to his freedom, yet is detained and held in Slavery by Wm Crawford of Georgetown, your petitioner therefore prays that the United States writ of Subpoena may issue directed to the said William Crawford commanding him to appear before your honors to answer your petitioner in the premises, and that your honors will grant such other and further relief as the nature of your Petitioners case may require, and to your honors may seem right and just, and your petitioner will ever pray &c as in duty bound.

F.S. Key for Petitioner


330. 344

William Ethington
Wm Crawford

Petition for Freedom

Mr Brent will please issue in this case
F.S. Key

filed 20th May 1816.