George Mason & Alexander Moore v. Matilda Derrick. Affidavit of Margaret Moore


District of Columbia
County of Alexandria Sct

Personally appeared before me, the subscriber one of the Justices of the Peace for the County aforesaid Margaret Moore, Widow, and made oath upon the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God that she is well acquainted with Matilda Derrick and her three children named in the foregoing brief and has been acquainted with them many years that she this affiant verily believes the said Matilda and her these children would sell for one thousand dollars. This affiant derives her knowledge of the value of slaves from having recently sold one when she made particular inquiry as to such value.

Given under my hand this 12th March 1827
Thos Vowell

Margaret Moore


Mason Moore
Matilda Derrick

No 65. Washington

filed March 12, 1827.