Matilda Derrick v. George Mason & Alexander Moore. Agreement


Negroes Matilda, the older, Matilda, the younger, Lucy, and Louisa
George Mason & Alexander Moore

April Term 1823.

In this case we agree to swear a Jury & take a Verdt. for the petitioners, and file the Bill of exceptions, taken at Octr 7. 1822. The Defts agree that they will take the case up to the Supreme Ct. without delay and will use all due diligence by Counsel to bring the case to a hearing and decision in the Supe. Ct. In the mean time the defts. may keep said negroes in possession, until such trial and decision in the Supe. Ct. unless the said negroes or any of them should be able to give good security to the defts. that they will be forthcoming and within the reach and disposal of the defts., should the decision in the Supe. Ct. reverse the decision of the Civ. Ct. for the Dt. Cola.

Augt Taney for Petitioners
B. L. Lear. for Defts.

June 13. 1823.



Matilda & Children
Moore & Mason


filed June 13. 1823