Abraham Smith v. John Lyons. Petition for Freedom


To The Honorable the Judges of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the County of Washington

The Petition of negro Abraham Smith humbly sheweth to your Honors, that he was born and raised in the State of Virginia, that he was purchased there, after the by John Lyons, after the removal of the said Lyons to the District of Columbia, and was imported into this District contrary to Law.

Your Petitioner further sheweth, that he is entitled to his freedom, but is nevertheless held in bondage, and a slave for life by the said John Lyons.

Your Petitioner, therefore prays that the United States writ of subpoena may issue, directed to the said John Lyons, commanding him to appear and answer to your Petitioner in the premises, that the claim of your Petitioner may be tried before your honors, and that he may be discharged from servitude to the said John Lyons, & that he may have such other & further relief as to your honors may seem right.

Key & Dunlop for Petitioner



Abraham Smith
John Lyon's

Petition for Freedom

Mr Brent
File this & issue Subpoena as prayed yrs
K & D

filed 30th Apl. 1828