William v. George Milburn, John Coburn, & John L. Alford. Replication


Negro William
George Milburn


And the said Petitioner by Key & Dunlop by attornies saith that the Deft. George Milburn, by anything in his said plea above alledged, ought not to be dismissed without further plea or answer to the said Petitioner's petition, as prayed in the said plea, because (protesting that he is not the slave of the said Milburn nor of any other person or persons) he saith that the said Deft Milburn had at the time of his said petition and claimed an interest in the petitioner as his slave, having purchased him of a certain Louisa J. Southall by an absolute unconditional contract and after this he is ready to puts himself upon the County is ready to verify: wherefore he prays judgt &c.

FSKey for Petr


Negro William
G. Milburn

File it.

Replication to plea.

filed 7th June 1826.