William Jordan v. Lemuel Sawyer. Jury Instructions


If the Jury believe from the evidence that Vale Peyton brought the Petr from Wheeling into Virga into this County in the beginning of the last winter and that in March last some time after such importation, the said Peyton determined & intended to sell said Petr in this County and in pursuance of that intention offered him for sale in this county, and did actually sell him therein to the Deft, then the Petr is entitled to recover, Unless the Deft can prove that said Peyton came into this County with a bonâ fide intention of settling therein and had resided there three years before such sale. — or that he came within the terms of the provisos contained in the 2, 4, 7, 8, 9 & 11th Sections of the Act of 1796.