Samuel Bias v. John Rose. Petition for Freedom


To the Honorable the Judges of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for Washington County.

The petition of Samuel Bias, humbly sheweth, that your petitioner is detained illegally in slavery by John Rose Thomas Brooke Bell though he is reaso entitled to his freedom, though he is as he is prepared to verify, & he therefore humbly prays that this Honorable Court will take his cause into consideration, and direct such process and steps to be taken therein as to this Honorable Court may seem proper and this Law has provided. & your petitioner will ever pray &c

D.W. Forrest petn

F S Key for Petr


554 611.

Samuel Bias
John Rose
RobertThomas Brooke Bell

Pet. for freedom

Mr Brent will please to file this & issue

filed 28th Sept 1818