Joe Thompson v. Walter Clarke. James Forrest to Francis Scott Key


Dear Sir,

I did not receive yr letter until it was too late to prepare the enclosed copies. I hope, however no inconvenience will result. You did not write for a copy of the will; but presuming you might want it, I had it copied. if you should not 1 deduct $1 40/100from $8 40/100 and it will leave $7 due me for the other copies.

By a reference to the real Estate John Thompson died seized of, and was assessed to, I find it contained 1276¼ acres which   was valued by the assessor to $2340. Generally speaking Lands generally in this county particularly, are assessed to about one third of their real value wch would make this land worth $7,020 but in this case I doubt whether it is worth that sum.

Yrs with great respect.
Jas Forrest
15 June 1816.

Fra. Scott Key Esq


In looking over the papers of the late Jas Thompson I find the opinion of Messrs Martin & Mesin[?] on the subject of Jno Thompsons Estate will— particularly as it relates to the widows third & negroes.

J F.