Rosanna Brown v. Bennett. Petition for Freedom


To the Hnorable the Judges of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for Washington County.

The petition of Rosanna Brown a black woman & Mary Eliza Brown her child humbly sheweth to your Honors that the said Rosanna is entitled to her freedom and is nevertheless held in Slavery and confinement in the house of a certain George Miller & by a certain       Bennett no in this of the county and District aforesaid, your Petitioner further States that she verily believes that the said       Bennett is about to take her and convey her away by force from this District out of the Jurisdiction of the Honorable Court, Wherefore she prays your honors to grant her as well as well the United States write of Subpœna as also the United States write of Injunction enjoining and prohibiting the said       Bennett & George Miller their &[?] each of their agents and servants from taking or conveying away your Petitioner out of this County or re- removing her out of the Jurisdiction of this Cout untill the further order of your honors in the premises. FS Key for Pltff Petitioner

On this 22nd day of December 1815 appeared before me Jesse Torrey Jr and made solemn affirmation that he believes the facts stated in the above petition to be true.

affirmed know before me
Daniel Rapine



Rosanna Brown

Petn for Freedom

file this & issue the within
E.B. Caldwell

Filed 22 Decr 1815

Mr Brent
Let the sbpa & Injunction issue a prayed on the filing this petition.
Jas S Morsell
Asst Judge
22 Dec: 1815