Esther Bradley v. Elizabeth Wilson. List of Negroes


At the request of Alexander Wilson the following list of Negroes was recorded the first day of July 1795.

The following Slave (a resident of the State of Virginia before the twenty first day of April Seventeen hundred and Eighty three) the property of Alexander Wilson of Prince Georges County and State of Maryland brought by him from the State of Virginia into the State of Maryland on the eighth day of June last for the purpose of employing and working her within the said State for his own use and benefit and not for sale which said slave was purchased by the said Alexander Wilson in the State of Virginia to wit One Negro Woman named Esther aged sixteen

Given under my hand this first day of July Seventeen hundred and Ninety five

Alexr. Wilson

I hereby Certify that the a foregoing is truly taken from Liber J Book [torn page] pages 546 are of the Land Records of Prince Georges County in the State of Maryland

In Testimony whereof I do hereunto [torn page] my name and affix the Seal of the County Court of the County aforesaid [seal covering text] twenty first day of December in the year of our Lord One thousand Eight hundred and Eleven

John Read Magruder Clk PG Cy C


Negro Petn.
E. Wilson

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