Samuel v. James Green. Circuit Court Report


Negro Sam v. James Green.

A slave does not acquire freedom by an importation and continuance a year in Alexandria, unless he continue there one year under the same master or owner.

The Court (Thruston, J., absent,) at the prayer of the defendant's counsel, instructed the jury that the plaintiff did not acquire a right to freedom by being brought into Alexandria, and continuing there one year, unless he was continued there a year by one and the same master. For the loss of the property in the slaves was in the nature of a penalty; that no freedom can be acquired under the second section of the act, but in a case in which the penalty of $200 also is incurred, under the third section of the act of 17th of December, 1792.

Mr. Taylor, for the plaintiff.

Mr. Hewitt and Mr. Stone, for the defendant.