Ex parte Anthony. Circuit Court Report


Ex parte Negro Anthony.

A justice of the peace in Alexandria cannot commit a person as a runaway, unless according to the form of the Act of Assembly of Virginia, of 26th December, 1792, p. 246.

Habeas Corpus. On return it appeared that the prisoner was committed by a warrant under the hand of Mr. Justice Faw, in these words: "Alexandria County, ss. You are hereby required to receive into your custody negro Anthony, who was brought before me by Joseph Simpson, as a runaway, said to be a slave, the property of Mr. Richard West, of Prince George's county, Maryland, and him safely keep until he be thence discharged according to law. Given under my hand, this 19th day of April, 1806. A. Faw. Capt. James Campbell, Jailer."

The prisoner was discharged, on consideration of the Acts of Assembly, of 26 December, 1792 p. 246; 10 December, 1793; pp. 315,316; and 21 January, 1801, p. 412.