Mary Butler v. Adam Craig. Defendant's Bill of Exceptions


Mary Butler agt William
Adam Craig

Petition for Freedom [torn page]

The Defendant by his [torn page] and read in Evidence to the [torn page] Record and proceedings and Judgment [torn page] of Appeals, on a petition filed by William [torn page] Mary Butler the Father and Mother of the present petitioner [torn page] (here insert the whole Record) and prayed the opinion of the Court that the said Judgment rendered in the provincial Court of Appeals was a good and sufficient Bar against the present petitioner, and sufficient to preclude[?] her from any Relief on her present petition But the Court were of opinion that in no case a Judgment against the parents of persons claiming Freedom, which Judgment determined the parents should be Slaves, was a Bar against any of their Children to prevent them the said Record Proceedings and Judgment were[?] no Bar to prevent the petitioner from claiming and having [torn page] her Freedom. To which opinion of the Court the Defendant by his Counsel prayed Leave to except, and to appeal therefrom which was granted &c

A C Hanson

R Goldsborough jun.