Elizabeth Butler v. Henry Hill. Petition for Freedom


To The Honourable the Judges of The General Court

The humble Petition of Elizabeth Butler (Great Grand Daughter of a white woman called Irish Nell) sheweth, That your Petition is unlawfully detained in Slavery by Mr Henry Hill of St Mary's County; that your Petitioner is the mother of Eleven Children, Three of whom (two Boys, one named Jerry, & the other named Jess, and a Girl named Phillis) were in the Possession of the said Henry Hill since January last, and have been since sent (and as your Petitioner believes sold) out of the State by the said Henry Hill.

Your Petitioner prays your Honours to hear her Complaint against the said Henry Hill, and to declare her free, with all her Children; and for that purpose your Petitioner prays that summons may issue against the said Henry Hill to appear and Answer this Petition, and that he be obliged to permit your Petitioner to attend the Court, and not to sell your Petitioner out of the State, or do any other Act to prevent your Petitioner from attending the Court; and your Petitioner who prays that the said Henry Hill may be Compelled to produce before the Court in some reasonable time the said these Children of your Petitioner sent by him out of the State as above set forth. And your Petitioner will pray.


Elizabeth Butler
Henry Hill

Petition for Freedom

Octo 1791

Entd JG No 13 folio 19

Filed 19th October 1789

Depo as Igs vs Jos Simmes