Anthony Boston v. Gassaway Rawlings and Daniel Boston v. Anne Watkins. Judgement Record


Gassaway Rawlings
Anthony Boston

It being admitted that the petitioner is a discendant of Violet, the Daughter of Linah the Daughter of Maria or Marea and it appearing to the court on the examination of the depositions taken in this case that Maria or Marea was spanish woman and that her daughter Linah was born before she came into Maryland and was of yellow colour or complexion with long black hair the court are of oppinion that the said Maria or Marea was not a slave, but free the court order and adjudge that the petitioner be free, and discharged from all further servitude and that the said Gassaway Rawlings pay him the costs of prosecuting his petition.

Saml Chase, J. Toy Chase

Anne Watkins
Daniel Boston

Same Judgment