John Ashton v. Charles Mahoney. Petitioner's Bill of Exceptions


Charles Mahoney
John Ashton

Petition for freedom

On the Trial of this cause the plaintiff in support of the issue offered to read the deposition of Ann Hurdle taken the 28th May 1797 taken by consent, and the defendant by his Council objected to the reading of the following part of said deposition to wit; "That she has also heard the Tuckers and Lovejoys who were old people and who are now dead talk about it, but can't recollect what they said more than they censured those who kept them" and the court were of opinion that the said part of said deposition was not evidence and would not permit it to be read in evidence to the Jury; To which opinion the plaintiff by his Council excepted and prayed the Court to sign and seal this   his bill of exceptions which is done this 30th May 1799:

Jeremiah Townley Chase (Seal)
John Done (Seal)

2 sides

Charles Mahoney
John Ashton


No 2