Charles Mahoney v. John Ashton. Deposition of John Clagett


The deposition of John Clagett of Edward taken by consent to be read in evidence in the sundry petitions now depending in the General Court brought by persons claiming to be descended from Joice formerly the property in the possessn of Col. Henry Darnall for freedom

To deponent being 64 years of age the 28th of August last past old style and being duly sworn deposeth and saith that Edward Clagett his father who lived in Prince Georges died about the year 1788 as well as he remembers

That he this depont saith that he knew John Wood and Jack Crane who lived at the Woodyard as he understood and was present in Court when they received sentence of death for killing their overseer as it was said. That this Depont was married and moved to Ann Arundel when this event took place and that he was in his twenty fourth year when he was married, but when they were hanged he cannot now precisely ascertain.

That after this event took place he has frequently at times heard his father Edward Clagett speak of John Wood and Jack Crane but never to the best of his knowledge heard him say that they or intimate that they the said Wood & Crane or either of them were born free or descended of a white woman or in any manner entitled to freedom.

That he this Deponent never to the best of his knowledge heard his said father say one word about the Indenture or the burning of the Indenture mentioned in the Deposition of Peter Knight in the cases taken.

That he never heard his said father to the best of his knowledge speak of a person by the name of Moll Crane. That he this Deponent never heard of a woman by that name that he recollects until the other day he heard of such a person from one of the Petitioners, John Hickman. That this Deponents father lived [strikethrough] and died between Upper Marlbrough and the Woodyard and some where about two or three miles from Marlbrough

That this Depont lived with his father until he this Depont was married except some few years that he was at school that he then moved away and lived near Queen Ann until [strikethrough] the year 1783 when he moved into Ann Arundel. That this Depont never knew any other Edward Clagett but his father, except a nephew of his said father who died many years ago quite a young man. That this deponent was frequently at his fathers house after he this Depont was married. That this Depont never knew Peter Knight nor does he know that he ever saw him

Sworn to before me 24 Oct 1797
John Randall

4 1/2 sides

John Clagett of Edward
(Contradicts P. Knight)

No 24

filed 30 Oct 97