Charles Mahoney v. John Ashton. Deposition of Sarah Ratcliff


The Deposition of Sarah Ratcliff aged about forty one years or thereabouts being first duly sworn on the Holy Evangels of Almighty God deposeth and saith That she this Deponent is the Daughter of Rachel Ratcliff the Person mentioned by that name in the Deposition of Eben Paramore taken and filed in a Cause in which Charles Mahony hath Petitioned for his freedom agt John Ashton being asked if she the Deponent knows the said Eben Paramore answers she has seen him but once that she recollects and then he was passing on the public road and this Deponent was then told his name.

Being asked if the said Rachel Ratcliff ever washed the Linnen or did any other work for the said Paramore?

Answers that her Mother Rachel Ratcliff never did Wash or do any kind of Work for the said Eben Paramore: that she this Deponent is confident her Mother never did see the said Paramore, or ever had any acquaintance with him. The said Deponent further saith that her said Mother lived with the Deponent since she has been grown a Woman and until her said Mothers Death. That her said Mother was old and very infirm and for fifteen or sixteen years before her Death was incapable of doing any work except knitting. That the Deponent used to Wash and do the other necessary work for her Mother who never was from the House of the Deponent for many years before her Death and the said Paramore was never at the Deponents House to her knowledge or belief.

Being asked if her Mother ever lived near the Woodyard in Prince Georges County?

Answers that her Mother never did live near the Woodyard to the knowledge information or belief of her the said Deponent.

Being asked if any person and whom ever applied to   her Mother to enquire of her knowledge respecting the freedom of any and what Negroes?

Answers. That Thomas Tillard and Richard Richardson did once apply to her Mother but she told them she knew nothing of the freedom of any Negroes whatever. or of any that were intitled to their freedom

That Mrs Andersons Negro Woman Maria did also apply to her Mother the said Rachel Ratcliff to enquire about her Title to freedom but her Mother told Maria she knew nothing about it and if she was intitled to freedom it was what she did not know

Sworn before

Thos Tongue
July 21th 1797

This deposition, if the deponent is unable to attend Court is admitted to be read in evidence in the petitions for freedom, depending in the General Court, where the petitioners claim their freedom as being descended from Ann Joyce

Jno Johnson for petitioners
John T. Mason for Defts


5 Sides

Sarah Ratcliff
(Rachel Ratcliffe. Contradicts Eben Paramore)

No 21

filed 12. Octo. 97.