Charles Mahoney v. John Ashton. Deposition of Michael Lowe


The Deposition of Michael Lowe of Prince Georges County being fifty seven years of age and being first duly sworn on the holy Evangels of Almighty God Deposeth and saith That he this Deponent is well acquainted with John Wheat Senior of Prince Georges County (whose Deposition this deponent hath been informed has been taken in the cause now depending in the General Court in which several negroes claiming their descent from one Ann Joyce are Petitioner again John Ashton Defendant) and that he this Deponent hath known the said John Wheat Senior as long as he can well remember any thing and the Deponent being asked what was the general Character of the said John Wheat Senior saith that he is generally reported and claimed in the neighbourhood where he resides to bear a bad character [strikethrough]

Sworn before me the 1st day of July 1797
Sam Hepburn


1 1/2 sides


Michael Lowe
(Bad Character of Wheat)

No 17.