Charles Mahoney v. John Ashton. Petitioner's Interrogatories


Charles Mahoney
John Ashton

Petition for freedom.

Petitioners Interrogatories.

1. Do you know the parties or either of them?

2. Did you know Anne Joice [strikethrough] who formerly lived with Henry Darnall at the Woodyard? and how long has she been dead?

3. Had Anne Joice any Children that you know or have heard of; if yea, relate their names, with whom they lived and died, & from whom you had your information and when?

4. Do you any of the Grand children of Joice, if yea, with whom do they live, that you know or have heard, and from which of Joice's Children are they descended, that you know or have heard?

5. Do you know any of the great grand children of Joice, & how are they descended from her? relate your knowledge, & if from hearing, from whom you heard it?

6. If you have any further Knowledge, relate it fully & freely?

Jona Wilmer for Pet.