Ann Queen v. Sylvester Boarman. Petition for Freedom


To the Honble the Chief Justice and Associates
of Harford County Court.

The Petition of Nanny alias Ann Queen respectfu a black woman respectfully sheweth That your Petitioner is descended from a free woman named Mary Queen. Your Petitioner being the Daughter of Henny, who was the Daughter of Nanny who was the Daughter of Mary Queen. That your Petitioner, altho entitled to Freedom, is unjustly & unlawfully held in Slavery & Bondage by the reverend Sylvester Boarman of Harford County. He therefore prays, that Subpœna in the ususal form may issue for the said Sylvester Boarman to answer the premisses, & that your Petitioner may be adjudged free & have such other & further Relief as the Nature of her Case requires & she will pray &c.

Wm Pinkney


Nanny alias Ann Queen
S. Boarman

Pet: for freedom

Mr. Gibson will please to file & issue Subpa as prayed

filed 16th Augst 1794