Robert Thomas v. Henry Pile. Deposition of Ignatius Gerrard Boarman


Robert Thomas
Henry Pyle

The deposition of Ignatius Gerrard Boarman aged fifty seven years being duly sworn on the holy Evangels of Almighty God deposeth & saith that he knows the petitioner, and Mr. Pyle the defendant, and he knows the mother of the petitioner and his grandmother also who is called Sophia, and he knew Betty Mingoe who was generally said to be the mother of Sophia; That Betty Mingo was a light mulatto, and formerly belonged to Mr. Wharton; That he knew also a woman named Peg who was generally said to be a daughter of Betty; Being asked if he ever heard that Betty Mingoe was the daughter of a white woman answers he had not; Betty he has understood married a man called Harry Cooper who belonged to Mr. Wharton, and his Children were called Cooper after him.

Sworn to this 15th Day of May 1794

Before Richd Harwood



Ignatius G. Boarman's Deposition

No. 22 Entered

2 sd

filed 31 Octo 1794