Moses Bell v. James Rhodes. Minute Book Entry


Moses Bell
James Rhodes

330. Trials.

Jury Sworn Verdict for
Special Verdict (see below)

for Plff
for Deft.
  • 1. John H. Goddard
  • 2. Daniel Campbell
  • 3. Benjamin F. Middleton
  • 4. Thomas McGill
  • 5. Jacob A. Bender.
  • 6. Henry Harr.
  • 7. Robert K. Nevitt
  • 8. Vincent King
  • 9. George W. Dashiell
  • 10. Thomas B. Riley
  • 11. James Lusby
  • 12. Edmund Brooke

(Copy Special Verdict) We of the Jury find that previous to the year 1837 the Petitioner was the Slave of a certain Lawrence Hoff a resident of Alexandria County in the District of Columbia. That in the year 1837 the said Hoff then owning & possessing the Petitioner as his Slave in the County of Alexandria aforesaid whereof he continued to be a resident, did sell & deliver the Petitioner to one Little, then being a resident of Washington County in the District of Columbia aforesaid & that the delivery of the Petitioner was made to the said Little in Alexandria County aforesaid, and the Petitioner was immediately removed by said Little to Washington County aforesaid to reside, and also for sale, whereof said Little was resident. That the said Little shorty afterwards, to wit, about one year or a little more, sold the Petitioner to one Keating in Washington County, who sold and delivered him to the Defendant. that since said Sale to said Little the Petitioner has always been kept and held in slavery in the County of Washington aforesaid. that at the time of the sale & delivery of the Petitioner as aforesaid by Hoff to Little, the Petitioner was more than forty five years of age, to wit, he was 54 & 55 years old and is now 59 or 60 years old. And if upon the facts aforesaid the Law is for the Petitioner, then we find for the Petitioner in the issue joined. And if upon the facts aforesaid, the Law is for the Defendant, then we

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