Georgiana et al. v. Edward Swann. Summons of Catherine Hoskins et al.


The Commonwealth of Virginia,
To the Sheriff of Alexandria County—Greeting:

You are hereby commanded to summon Kitty Hoskins. Nancey Causine, John Brown. Wesley Carlin. Rachchel Causine. and Wm Elliot to appear before our Circuit Court of Alexandria, at the Court-house of the said County, on tho 20' day of May 1858, to testify and the truth to speak on behalf of plaintiffs in a certain matter of controversy depending and undetermined in the said Court, between Negroes Georgianna & others plaintiffs and R. B. Alexanders Admr defendant

And this they shall in no wise omit under the penalty of £100: and have then there this writ. Witness, Robert Alexander Sinclair, Clerk of our said Court, at the Court-house aforesaid, this 18t day of May 1858, and in the 82d year of the Commonwealth.

R. A. Sinclair


Negroes Georgianna & others
R. B. Alexander's Admr

Plts Spa

[illegible] May Term

Nancy Causine
Near Old Factory

Wm Elliot
Near x Roads

C. M. Castleman D.S.
for E. Langston Shff