Julia Roberts v. Austin L. Adams & Ann C. Harding. Defendants' Bill of Exceptions


Julia Roberts alias Robinson
Austin L. Adams & others

Suit for freedom.

Be it remembered, that on the trial of this cause, the Petitioner further and defendant having offered the evidence contained in the first bill of exceptions to maintain her action for freedom, introduced witnesses who testified [torn page] marked A.] and this being all the [strikethrough] evidence adduced, as the part of the Petitioner and defendant aforesaid the defts: by their Counsel, prayed the Court to instruct the Jury, that the testimony aforesaid, altho' believed by the Jury, is not sufficient in Law, to maintain the issue Jd and therefore the Law, is for the defts:

But the Court, not refused to give the instructions so prayed, not being [illegible] willing to certify that the Evidence so stated as aforesaid contains is all the evidence adduced by the parties in the said cause, and because such an instruction would take the cause from the consideration of the Jury without giving the Petitioner the benefit of the presumption which the Jury might draw from the facts so given in Evidence.

To which refusal the Dfts except and this their bill of exceptions is signed sealed and ordered to be enrolled, this 18th of May 1842

W. Cranch (seal)
James S Morsell (seal)


2nd Instruction.

Neg. Julia.
Adams & al

2 Bill