Julia Roberts v. Austin L. Adams & Ann C. Harding. Affidavit of William L. Brent & Robert J. Brent


Julia Roberts
Austin L. Adams
Ann E. Harding

In this case & under the order of reference to us we report that we are satisfied it can be proved on the trial of this cause that one Somers many years ago executed a deed or instrument of manumission which was duly recorded in Fairfax County by which he manumitted his slave Sarah (the mother of the petitioner, who was not then born) at her age of twenty five eight & her issue at the age of twenty five. That previously to the execution of said instrument of writing, the at said least six years before the date thereof, the mother of the petitioner went to live with one Wesley Adams who had married the daughter of said Ad Somers, & that she continued to live with said Adams more than five years. That afterwards & when the said Sarah reached her age of twenty eight years the said Adams suffered her to go free & she was from that time reputed   to be free & recognized as such by said Adams. That the claim now set up by the Deft Adams is derived through said Wesley Adams. That the petitioner is now upwards of twenty eight years of age. Upon these facts we are of opinion that the possession by Wesley Adams of Sarah was not adverse to said Somers & that Sarah & her issue became free according to the terms of said instrument of Manumission & that the petitioner is now free

Brent & Brent for Petitioner

Oct. 13th 1840

Julia Roberts
Austen L. Adams
Ann C. Harding

State of Counsel & leave given to Bring Suit

1840 Oct Term 6' day
Leave to sue in forma pauperis &c