Ex parte Nicholas Reester. Writ of Habeas Corpus


District of Columbia, ss.

The United States of America to the Marshal of the District of Columbia, greeting

We command you that the body of Nicholas Reester, in your custody detained, by whatever name he may be known or called, you have before the Judges of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for Alexandria County, now sitting at the Court House in Alexandria, together with the cause of his capture & detention immediately to do receive, & submit to what shall then be considered in this behalf. Witness Hon. Wm. Cranch Ch. Judge &c this 24" Oct. 1835.

Edm: J. Lee CC


as Within Directed I have the Body of Nicholas Reister before your Honours he the said Reester was Committed to Jail by Adam Lynn Esqr. for the Purpose of bringing Suit for his freedom the Commitment is in the hands of Edgar Snowden Esqr. the Attorney in this Case which will be received as a Part of this Petition
D Minor DM

Habeas Corpus
Nichs. Reester