Caroline Blue & Noah Blue v. Charles W. C. Dunnington. List of Slaves Imported into Washington County


District of Columbia
County of Washington, to wit.

List containing the name, sex, age &c. of two slaves removed and brought from Prince William County in the State of Virginia, into this County, to wit: the County of Washington on the fourth day of January 1840, by Charles W. C. Dunnington a Citizen of the County & District aforesaid, to wit:

One female negress slave named Caroline Blue, about Twenty three years of age and her infant male child named Noah, about Two years of age, native born slave of the state of Virginia, where they resided all their lives till their removal as aforesaid. And the descendants of slaves being residents of the said state before the 21st day of April 1783. the said Charles W. C. Dunnington acquired his title and property in said slaves in the Course of distribution of the personal estate of his father Francis H. Dunnington who resided & departed this life in the late of said County of Prince William, deceased, which said slaves were so removed and brought unto this County for the use and benefit of the said Chs. W. C. Dunnington, and for the purpose only of employing them within this County & not for sale. all of which he respectfully certifies to the Clerk of the County aforesaid

Witness my hand the 8th day of January 1840.
Chas. W. C Dunnington



Chs. C. W. Dunnington
Cert. of Slaves

Received 11 Jany 1840

To be recorded and the same day was recorded in Liber W. B. W. B. No 78. folios @ 73, and 274. One of the Land Records for Washington County in the District of Columbia and examined by. W. Brent. Clk