Ex parte Nathaniel Holmes. Writ of Habeas Corpus


District of Columbia, to wit;

The United States' of America
to the Marshal of the District of Columbia. Greeting.

We command you that the body of Nathaniel Holmes now in your custody as it is said by whatever name he may be called, you have before the Hon. the Judges of our Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the County of Alexa immediately, together with the cause of the his caption and detention, to do receive and submit to whatever our said Court shall then & there consider concerning him in the premises, and have then & here this writ. Witness the Hon: Wm Cranch Chief Judge of our said Court this 12' day of November 1841

Cassius F Lee, CC


Within directed I have the body of Nathaniel Holmes before the Court, he was Committed to the Jail of Alexandria County as a Runaway the Commitment is herewith attached and will be received as a Part of this return he the said Holmes is detained in no other Case whatsoever
D Minor DM

Nathl Holmes

Hab: Corpus