Nelly Jackson v. Thomas Tebbs. Commission of John Linton


District of Columbia, to wit:—

The United States of America to John Linton esq. a Justice of the Peace for the County of Prince William Gentlemen of

Greeting:— Know ye, That we, trusting to your fidelity and provident circumspection in diligently examining Thomas Chapman + on behalf of Nelly Jackson in a suit depending in our Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, for the County of Alexandria, between the said Nelly Jackson and Thomas Tebbs. we therefore desire you, that at such certain time and place as you shall appoint, you assemble yourselves together and the witness aforesaid before you or any or more of you, that you call, and cause to come and diligently examine on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God, touching the matter in controversy between the aforesaid parties; and when you have examined him and taken his deposition as aforesaid, that you return the same to our said Court certified under your hands and seals, inclosed, together with this writ.

Witness—William Kilty Cranch, Esq. Chief Judge of our said Court, this 24th day of March in the year of our Lord 18017

G Deneale Co: Clk



John Linton Esquire
Prince William Co. Va.