Nelly Jackson v. Thomas Tebbs. Thomas Chapman's Answers to Petitioner's Interrogatories


The deposition of Thomas Chapman of full age A Witness produced sworn and examined on the 12th day of April in the year 1817 at the House of Zebulon Kankey situate in the town of Dumfries by virtue of a commission issued out of the United States Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the County of Alexandria to me John Linton a Justice of Peace for the County of Prince William directed for the examination of the said Thomas Chapman a witness in a cause in said Circuit Court depending between Nelly Jackson plff. and Thomas Tebbs deft., on the part and behalf of the Plf.

Question by Plf Atty. Are you acquainted with a negro called Nelly, alias Nelly Jackson. Answer I know a negro woman called Nelly formerly belonging to the estate of Wm Carr Senr decd.

Question When Where and how did you become acquainted with her. Answer being one of the executors of Wm Carr Senr decd I knew a woman named Nelly as belonging to his estate which was [obstructed by seal] child at the time of Mr Carrs death, she was daughter of a woman called Lucy, which Lucy and all her children were left to John Carr, son of Wm Carr Ser during his life by his fathers will and at his death sd negro legally came to the possession Mrs Betsey Tibbs

Qestn do you know whether the said Negro woman Nelly was at any time sold or offered for sale

Answer. I know nothing of my own knowledge whether the said negro Nelly was ever offered for sale or sold neither do I know whether Mrs Tibbs ever authorized any person whatever to sell or offer her for sale.

Thomas Chapman

Price Wm County sct

The foregoing deposition was taken and the above named Thomas Chapman duly sworn to the truth thereof before me as above stated. Given from under my hand & seal the day & year above written.

John Linton (seal)


Nelly Jackson
Thos. Tebbs


Dumfs Va
12th April

The Clerk of the Circuit for the County of Alexandria