Nelly Jackson v. Thomas Tebbs. Complaint


Alexandria County, Towit.

Nelly Jackson complains of Thos. Tebbs in custody &c of a Plea of Trespass. For that the said Th. Tebbs. on the 25 day of December 1815 at the County aforesaid with force & arms assaulted the said plaintiff, and her then and there took imprisoned, and restrained her of her liberty and held her in bondage from the said 25 day of December till the 3d day of December 1816 against the will of the said Plaintiff and against the law of the Land & other injuries to the said plaintiff there and during that time did against the peace and dignity of the United States, and to the damage of the plff One hundred dollars, and therefore she brings Suit.

J.D. Simms for plff

J Doe
R Roe Pleges


Nelly Jackson
Th. Tebbs