Sinah v. Edwin Harris. Petition for Freedom


To the Honorable the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the County of Alexandria.

The petition of Negro Sinah on behalf of herself and her children, Isaac, Letty, Peter John and Sarah, respectfully sheweth, that she is a lineal Descendant of an East Indian woman named Margaret, who on that ground recovered her freedom in the Superior Court of Accomack County in the State of Virginia; Your petitioner further states, that she was sold to a [strikethrough] certain Edwin L. Harris with her children as slaves, who detains them as slaves & has them now in Alexandria. Your petitioner prays leave to bring suit in forma pauperis for herself & children to against the Edwin L. Harris, &c

filing Peto. 18 app: 18 $.36
Order 26 Habs. Corps. 18 ret 26. .70
filing ret: 18 rule 35 53
Sba: 18 order 18 [illegible] .54
Order 26 rule 35 C 35 .96
Order 26 C 18 .44