Harriet Lemon v. Nehemiah Hicks. Summons of Robert Speden


District of Columbia, to wit:

The United States of America,
To the Marshal of the District of Columbia, Greeting:

We command you, that you summon Robert Speden to appear before the Honorable the Judges of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the County of Alexandria, at the Court-House in the Town of Alexandria, on the third day of next Court, which commences on the 1 Monday in May inst to testify and the truth to say, on behalf of Nehemiah Hicks in a certain matter of controversy, in our said Court depending and undetermined, between Harriet Lemon & said Hicks and this he shall in no wise omit, under the penalty of $333 33 cents—And have then there this writ.

Witness, William Cranch, Esq. Chief Judge of our said Court, this 3d day of May in the year of our Lord, 1834.

Edmd J. Lee CC




Robert Speden lives on Navy Yard Hill

Alexr: Hunter