Cleary Moore v. Thomas Jacobs. Special Verdict


Clara Moore
Thomas Jacobs.

We of the Jury find that in the year 1828 William Mills being a citizen of the United States residing in the Town of Alexandria in the District of Columbia and being the owner of the Plf whom he held as a slave removed from the said Town of Alexandria to Baltimore in the State of Maryland [strikethrough] and took with him from the said Town of Alexandria into the town City of Baltimore aforesaid at the time of his removal the Petitioner then owned & held by him as his slave that the said removal of the said William Mills from Alexandria to Baltimore as aforesaid was with a bona fide intention of settling in Baltimore & that within three months after the said removal the Petitioner absconded & ran away from the said Mills and without his consent or Knowledge returned to the town of Alexandria. That about five months after the Petitioner had so absconded the said Mills sold her to one John Proctor under whom the plt Defdt claims her as a slave. That when the said   sale was made the Petitioner was lying hid & secreted in Alexandria and [strikethrough] the said Mills was wholly ignorant of the place where she was, and sold her as it is [strikethrough] commonly [illegible] running. That the Petitioner has ever since the said sale remained in Alexandria in the possession of the said Proctor or of the Defdt claiming under him.

In on the matter aforesaid the law be for the plf then we find for the plf & assess her damages to one cent. and if on the said matter the law before the defdt then we find for the defdt

Wm Veelet[?] fr


and that the Petitioner at the time of her Importation into Baltimore as aforesaid had been more than three whole years next preceeding her importation and removal a resident of the United States



Spl Verdict