Cleary Moore v. Thomas Jacobs. Petition for Freedom


To the Hon: the Judges of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia & County of Alexandria

The humble Petition of Cleary Moore, a Woman of colour now in the possession and Service of Thomas Jacobs, of the Town of Alexandria, as a Slave of said Jacobs, begs leave to represent that she is advised, that she is illegally held in Slavery by Thomas Jacobs aforesaid and is entitled to freedom for this to wit. That some time in the year 1827 or 1828 she was removed by her former Master William Mills who then resided in the Town of Alexandria, to the City of Baltimore in the State of Maryland, to which place her said Master permanently removed and settled himself & Family, and where he has ever since resided and still continues to reside. That after your Petitioner remained in Baltimore with her said Master about eight months, she was sometime in the year 1829 sold by her said Master to the present wife of the said Thomas Jacobs as a Slave for life, and in whose possession she has ever since been and still is, in the Town of Alexandria, contrary to the Act of Assembly of Virga. entitled "An Act to reduce into one the several Acts concerning Slaves, free negroes   and Mulattoes." Passed the 17 Decr 1792 & now in force here. and also contrary to the Act of Maryland, passed at the November Session 1796, entitled "An Act relating to negroes, and to repeal the Acts of Assembly therein mentioned." and under which Acts she claims her freedom, and humbly Petitions your Honors to allow her to sue in forma Pauperis in order to obtain the same; and that the said Thomas Jacobs may be cited to appear and shew cause if any he can, why your Petitioner should not be allowed to sue in forma Pauperis. And in duty bound will ever pray &c

I am of opinion, that of the above Statement is correct, that the Petitioner is entitled to freedom.

Chr: Neale


Cleary Moore
Thos. Jacobs

Petition to sue for freedom.

1832 Octr. Term 2nd day
Petition filed & leave to sue in forma Pauperis & C. Neale assigned Counsel & Caps. awaded

9th day Nar filed & Not gty Jd & Jury sworn & spl verdict

1833. May Term, 3d day. Judgt. for deft. on Spl. Verdict