Matilda Sewall v. Eleanor Thompson. Summons of Eleanor Thompson


District of Columbia, to wit:

The United States of America,
To the Marshal of the District of Columbia Greeting.

We command you, That you take Eleanor Thompson if she be found within the County of Alexandria, in your said District, and her safely keep, so that you have her body before the honorable the Judges of the United States' Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the County of Alexandria, at the court-house in the town of Alexandria, at the next court to answer negro Matilda Sewall of a plea of Trespass Vi et armis, damage fifty dollars

And have then there this writ. Witness, the honorable William Cranch, Chief Judge of the said Court, this 6th day of June 1833.

Edm: J. Lee C. C.


Matilda Sewall
Eleanor Thompson


Trespass vi et armis, for wrongfully detaining the pltff in slavery


C. Scott, DM
for H. Ashton Marshal


Sewell (a pauper)

1833. Oct. T. Verd. & Judt. for deft.