Matilda Sewall v. Eleanor Thompson. Summons of Stephen Martin


District of Columbia, Alexandria County, to wit.

The United States of America
To the Marshal of the District of Columbia, the Eastern Greeting.

You are hereby commanded to summon Stephen Martin to appear before the Honorable the United States' Judges of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the County of Alexandria, at the court-house in the town of Alexandria, on the sixth friday 5th day of this court, which commencesd on the first Monday in October inst. next, to testify and the truth to say on behalf of Matilda Sewall in a certain matter of controversy, still pending and undetermined, between her & Eleanor Thompson and this he shall in no wise omit, under the penalty of $333 33: and have then there this writ.

Witness the Hon. William Cranch, Chief Judge of our said Court, this 7th day of Oct. 1833.

Edm: J. Lee CC



spa. for

S. Martin

C. Scott DM

to be found at Thornton Alexander Tavern opposite Gadby Hotel

Said to be in Montgomery County Keeping School