Delilah v. George Jacobs & Augustine B. Williams. Complaint


Alexandria County to wit.

Delilah, Juliann, Thornton, George, James & John William and Spencer complain of George Jacobs and Augustine B Williams in custody &c of a plea of trespass, for this to wit, that the said defendants on the     day of April 1832 at the County aforesaid with force and arms made an assault upon the said plaintiffs and them the said plaintiffs then & there did seize and imprison and unjustly deprive of their liberty for a long time to wit from the said     day of April till [strikethrough] third day of May. And other wrongs & injuries then & there did against the peace of the United States and to the damage of the plaintiffs of one thousand dollars, & therefore they bring suit &c.

T F Mason
for plts.


Negroes Delilah Julia Ann & others
Geo Jacobs
Augustine B Williams


2.50 4.76

We of the jury find for the plaintiffs and assess their damages to one cent.
Adam Lynn foreman