Ex parte Fanny Richardson. Petition for Habeas Corpus


To the Honble the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the County of Alexandria

Your petitioner Fanny Richardson by Kinsey Ware her next friend humbly represents to the Court that she is now confined in the Jail of Washington County in the said District under a committment from Robert Clarke, as an absconding slave. Your petitioner states that she is free, and prays the Court to grant the United States Writ of Habeas Corpus directed to the Jailor of the said County that your petitioner may be discharged from imprisonment to bring the body of your petitioner before your honorable court that the Cause of the said detention may be enquired into, and your petitioner discharged &c

Fanny Richardson


Fanny Richardson
Petition for Hab. Cor. & Copy of Committment

1831. Nov: Term 2nd Day
Habeas Corpus awd returnable on Saturday next 10 o'clk

4th day. Petitioner brought into Court on a Hab. Corp. & the Court, on the enamination of witnesses, being satisfied of her freedom, do order her to be discharged from imprt.