Letty v. Thomson F. Mason. Answer


I admit that the facts have in substance been correctly stated in the petition of Negro Letty. She had appealed to me as an old family servant, & at her urgent request I purchased her under a compromise of a doubtful claim which she was then making to her freedom. And it was arranged that I was to emancipate her as soon as she returned the $100 I paid for her. Of this sum she has returned me no part. I have neither taken her into possession or exercised any act of ownership over her, being content to put up with this loss; but do not think I am bound to incur any further responsibility for her by a voluntary emancipation as she is now more than forty five years of age. I am willing the Court shall enter such judgment as shall seem proper.

Thomson F Mason
April 16th 1827.


T. F. Mason
Negro Letty

pls petition 26, order 26 52
due 8, ctd 8, pls report 18 34
Jud: 18, C 18, T C 20 C 20. 94
p 18 1 0