Susanna Luckett v. Jonathan P. Walkom & Elizabeth Walkom. Complaint


County of Alexandria To wit,

Susanna Luckett complains of Jonathan Walkom and Elizabeth Walkom his wife, in custody of the Marshal &c for this that the said Defendant on the     day of       in the year     with force & arms to wit with swords & staves, made an assault upon the said plaintiff at Alexandria in the County aforesaid, and then and there beat wounded and evil treated the plf and kept her in prison there for a long time to wit for the s pace of     and then & there did the her other other injuries against the peace of the United States and to the damage of the said plf $ and therefore she brings suit &c.

Ramsay p.q.



Susanna Lucket
J & E Walkom

Trespass. Nar