Dorcas & Julia v. James Smith and Fanny v. Isaac Kell. Statement of Facts


Dorkus — sold by Alexr Smith, to Wm Simms for a term of years, to be free at the expiration of the term, — Simms sold to Timothy Carrington Sr. for the remaining part she had to serve. when After serving the time [strikethrough] with said Carrington, he dischard her as a free woman, in which state she has lived about six years.

during her time of servitude with Carrington she had two Children, one of which named Fanny in the possession of Isaac Kell, bought by him at public sale, from the Executors of said Carrington.

After her servitude she had three Children, two of which are in this district. One in the possession of Rector Law, the other with the mother.

James Smith, son to Alexr Smith, Claims the Old Woman and the three Children had since the expiration of her time with Carrington.

Jacob Hoffman

Proven by
Wm. Simms and Isaac Kell