William Derrick v. David Read & Silas Read. Petition for Freedom


To the Honble the Judges of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia in Alexandria County.

Your petitioner negro William infant under the age of twenty one years, by his mother & next friend Matilda, humbly complains to your honour that notwithstanding his being entitled to his liberty & freedom from slavery, he is held in bondage & slavery by a certain Silas & David Read of the County & District above named. He yr petitioner therefore prays your honours most precious writ of subpoena directed to the said Silas & David thereby commanding them to be & appear before your honors at your next sitting, there to answer unto this Petitioner his above matter of complaint. Trusting to your honours for relief the petitioner thus ever prays &c.

For Petitioner
Tho. Turner


Negro William Inft by Matilda his Mother & next friend
Silas & David Read

Mr. Lee,
Will please file this petition & issue subpoena.
Tho. Turner for pt.