Dennis Brown v. Christopher Neale. Petition for Freedom


To the Honorable the Judges of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia

Humbly complaining shows unto your Honors your petitioner Dennis Brown, a coloured man, that he was born in Maryland, where he remained as the slave of Mrs Harriet Bean till the year 1815 or 1816. That about that time he was sold to one William F. Thornton of the town of Alexandria, and thither removed. That he remained in servitude to the said William F. Thornton till within a few months since, when he was either hired or sold, your petition is not absolutely certain which, to Christoper Neale Esq. in whose service he now is.

Your petitioner respectfully submits these facts to the consideration of your Honors, and conceives that under the Statutes of Virginia now in force within this part of the District of Columbia he is entitled to his freedom, humbly begs permission to sue in forma pauperis the said [strikethrough] Christopher Neale in your Honorable Court, for the purpose of recovering the same. Your petitioner further prays that your Honors may make such farther order in the premises as may be   necessary to the investigation of his claim And your petitioner was in duty bound will ever pray &c

Dennis Brown.

At the request of the foregoing petitioner Dennis Brown I have inquired into the statement contained in his petition, and have every reason to think it correct and that the said petitioner is entitled to his freedom under the Act of Virginia of 1792.

P. R. Fendall


262 441

Dennis Brown's
Chris: Neale

Petition for freedom

May Term 2nd Day
P. R. Fendall Esqr. is assigned as counsel to examine into this case & reprot to the Court &c Report returned & filed & Process and. returd. to next term
issd. Let process issue &c.
Dec: Contd.
March Cond.
April Continued
May Continued.
June. Contd.
July Contd.
August. At issue
May Term 24 day
Not guilty Jd.
Novem. Term 26th day
Non Pros.