Isaac Macol v. William H. S. Boswell. Order


In the case of Negroe Isaac a pauper Petitioner for leave to sue for recovery of his freedom in forma pauperis. R. I. Taylor assigned as Counsel to state and report the facts on which the petioner[?] claims his freedom with his opinion thereon. This day made his report, whereupon on consideration thereof it is ordered by the Court that the Petitioner be allowed to sue in forma puperis for the recovery of his freedom. And that the Clerk do issue process against Wm H. S. Boswell claiming the Petioner[?] as his Slave, to appear here at the next Court to answer the his Complaint and that in the mean time the Petitioner   shall be in the Custody of the marshal until the said W. H. S. Boswell shall give bond with Security either in Court or with the Clerk of the Court in the penalty of $800 to have the [strikethrough] Petitioner forthcoming to answer the Judgment of the Court